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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Im flying in 2 days time and im really excited. The first half of the holidays are nearly over, and i now ask myself what i have achieved, absolutely nothing.

Well, unless you count virtual achievements as something, i just hit level 80 in GW2 with my ranger not too long ago. Although slower than my peers, i was considered pretty quick i guess. Also, having the commitment of a guild officer is quite difficult, especially with 499 other guild members.

The release of GW2 was one of the smoothest in MMORPG history, i have never really seen a smoother large scale triple-A MMORPG release this smooth. So kudos to the devs at ArenaNet.

Anyway, if you're interested to play with me, im currently in Crystal Desert. Add me up -> "Ateith".


Time to pack and plan out some stuff for the trip, i'll blog daily when im in Japan so watch this space!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Just had a slight rage on a comment by a classmate saying "Other MMOs are WoW clones."

Whoa whoa whoa, just a moment there. You can't just say that. They definitely have the same mechanics, but that doesn't make them a WoW clone. My god, if you say that, you have probably missed out on a lot of great MMOs.

Let's take Gala Lab's Fly for Fun. A MMORPG that i have enjoyed during my younger years.

Fly for Fun has the mechanics as a standard MMORPG. You get quests, storyline, guilds. But is it a clone? NO. 

Fly for Fun has really unique classes, take the Jester for example. It's a class whose main weapon is the Yo-yo. Seriously, PM me if you've seen another MMO use Yo-yos for main weapons. That's called a feature.

Features are what make a game unique. If all games didn't have that extra oomph, then it can be safely called a "clone". If all games just had quests, the same classes, the same mechanics, that's called a "clone".

If it's still too murky to understand. Let's do my favourite proving method, usage of analogies.

Let's say you bought a certain t-shirt made out of cotton from a certain shop. Then your friend also buys another t-shirt made out of cotton. But are they clones? No, of course not, they have different prints, different cuttings, those are unique.

Get it right peeps.

PS: What pains me more is that we're in a game development course. If you're continuing this mindset, it'll just come and bite you back in the ass. I understand that you love to play MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas). If you develop one next time which has unique features and people say its a "clone", im sure you'll be hurt. Months and YEARS of production time and it ended up being called a mere "clone" of DotA.
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The trip's cost is a huge whopping 1.8k. Im sure how much of a good time i'll have over there, but with my friends, i think i'll have a great time.

Also, my goal this holiday is to find out what im good at.

That is all, back to flash.
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finally added my main Gmail account as an author to this blog. Won't be touching my other account anymore (unless there is a need to access my private blogs).

Anyway, scrolled through today's news reel on facebook and i saw her eating out with the guy. Darn it, obviously he has the advantage, he's sees her everyday at school and i only have facebook ):

In other news, it's weird, because everyone around me has something special to compensate for something they're weak in. Take for example one of my friends, he's shit at coding (he admits it), but he has musical talent. What the heck do i have? I just self destruct every time i ask myself that question.

Goals i want to meet in life
- Im shit at coding, but i want to make at least one popular app in ANY app market
- Spend money on my hobbies without feeling hurt.
- Master at least 1 instrument
- Ice skate like a proper human (i look like a blob of jelly on ice)


And so, i've been playing League of Legends weekly with my cousins (techinically, my cousin's cousins. But it's simpler to just call them my cousins too). And one of them is coming back and another is flying off soon! Had one last K session with him and the others. It'll be long before we see him again, enjoy your trip to the US ;)

Oh, and on the topic of going overseas. The Japan trip is coming up soon. The final amount should be posted on the group page soon. I anxiously wait for the announcement as i study my Japanese notes closely so i can at least speak the basic when i reach there. (Did i mention? These 1 and a half years in Japanese class will finally pay off).

Anyway, tons of work to do, so im off to finish them.

(Get well soon aunt)
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Maths doesn't suck study for the benefit of future levels of education. Just be as easy going as you are right now, nothing else really matters. And beg them parents to get a musical instrument (ANY will do), helps your chances of scoring the female side of our species. Also, the girl you'll be meeting in your secondary school life online is the only girl who understands you, don't ignore her. She's gone right now in present year, lost to my ignorance.

Also, life is pretty harsh, take care of mummy, her wrinkles are more visible right now in 2012, it's good that you have so much more time to spend with her, i can't imagine a day without her being there for me.

And, you'll soon find out that your dad isn't what he seems to be, don't be disheartened, don't give half a fuck about the events that happened, focus on your studies, it helps.

Your friends in secondary school, py, leon, jj, zw and bri will be your closest friends EVER. Cherish the moments you spent in secondary school because it will never be repeated ever again, you will miss those moments when you hit tetiary education.

Life may seem pretty hard, but always remember, you are the only one that can bring happiness to mummy, so in order to achieve the maximum level, study hard.

Also, start excercising you fat fuck.

Yours sincerely,
Edgar (Future)
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Its a lovely day today, i drag my butt down to school for 8am's lesson. Actually, it's not a lovely day, im just in self-denial that today is C++ submission. It's weird huh, i can do HTML, Java easily, debug them easily and everything always comes out as planned. However, when it comes to C++ or C#, everything becomes foreign. I think i need to practice the following "Learn. Unlearn. Relearn."

But don't be mistaken, i love programming, i miss the thrills of solving problems during year one of Java, it was interesting, everytime there was an error, i would be frantically finding it and debugging it. However, when it comes to C++, suddenly the bugs that i expect to be there isn't there! But it's weird how after the lecturer takes a look, and suddenly the realisation comes that the bug was always there all along. (Also, i have coding bad luck, even copying code for code on the screen, i still get fucking errors. Just bad luck.)

So i guess it's the fear of getting errors that i suddenly lost interest in debugging them.

Anyway, in other news, i plan to get a tablet soon to start sketching on the computer. (Power of layers and ctrl-Z, why choose a pencil?)

Back to work, bye.
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's a dream come true, my Japan school trip is confirmed! Oh my god, after so many years of asking my parents to bring me to Japan, i finally get to go with my classmates :p

Anyway, just bought the Payday Wolf Pack DLC. Just so you know, Payday is a game about pulling off heists! Robbing diamond banks, pulling off scandals and other whatnot is the game's focus. It's a pretty cool concept and i really salute Overkill studios for coming up with that fantastic idea.

And also, happy national day :) It's a short post, but i'll return with daily updates about life. Cheerio!
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